Verses For Meditation

Mediation Meditations!

“He who gives attention to the word will find good,
and blessed is he who trusts in the Lord.” –Proverbs 16:20


This page is being updated to provide a very cool way to study Scriptures related to conflict and resolution.  Please check back again soon!

(. . . but if you are one of those folks that just can’t wait to meditate on mediation before we finish the redesign of the page, then you can use these links below.)


We’ve tried to provide a lot of useful information on our site, but no matter what we write, it will never be Scripture!  What we can do, however, is guide you through some portions of Scripture we’ve collected and organized during our own study of the Bible.  The verses are organized into a few different categories or collections for your consideration.  When you click on a category below, it will open a new window with a topically appropriate verse or verses.  Hit <F5> (the refresh key on most browsers) on your computer and it will take you to another topically appropriate verse.  These verses will come up randomly and never in the same order as before.  Tolle Lege!


I want to stand back from this and get my perspective straight. View


How should I conduct myself at a mediation or arbitration? View


What role do my counselors (attorneys, pastors, mediators, etc.) play? View


What is the role of forgiveness in this situation? View


Is this way of resolving things really Biblical? View


Apart from just “deciding” this issue, can there be restoration? View


Why should I sacrifice anything in this situation if I didn’t do anything wrong? View


Does this have a impact on my witness or the witness of the Church at large? View


Scripture quotations are from the New American Standard Bible © The Lockman Foundation