Pre-Made Forms

Correspondence Ideas.

These are some ideas to guide you in communicating your desire to resolve a situation using ControlAltDispute. You might want to use these ideas in an email or in a regular letter, or even as talking points to use over the phone or in person.

Correspondence Ideas

Application for Assistance.

Use this application to apply for mediation or arbitration with ControlAltDispute.

Application for Assistance

Alternative Dispute Clauses for Contracts.

These are form clauses for attorneys only to use in contracts where Christian alternative dispute resolution is desired.  These clauses are only being provided to attorneys since the drafting and modifying of contracts should only be performed by someone with training and experience in that area, and we couldn’t guarantee their effectiveness in every circumstance, which means they may lead to an unexpected result, which means you’ll be mad at us, and . . . you get the picture.  If, however, you just wanted to see one for “educational purposes only” and not with the idea of “lawyering” your own contract, you’re welcome to take a look.

Christian Mediation Clause Christian Mediation & Arbitration Clause